How to create your best first impression with a client

Here are my 4 top tips to help you create your best first impression.

Did you know that 90% of first impressions are made in the first 90 seconds?

We all know that finding, developing and building successful business relationships today is highly challenging … and you never get a second chance to make that long lasting first impression.  So, what can you do when meeting a client or customer for the first time?

My 4 top behaviours or tips that will help to create your best first impression

  1. Tip 1 is about your Clothing
  • Dress according to your role & impression you want to leave.
  • Be similar to your customer (Consider one level smarter than client to demonstrate respect).
  • Reinforce your company brand /image, and fits your own natural style to give you confidence.
  1. Tip 1 is about your Handshake
  • Initiate the handshake to state that you deserve to be there!
  • Stand in reception and shake hands before picking up your bags!
  • Match your pressure to the client – or you could be seen as a pushover or too aggressive.
  1. Tip 3 is about Timekeeping
  • Be early – allow for traffic & time to park & sign in.
  • Plan parking & book if needed.
  • Once in your meeting, re-check agenda and timings.
  1. Tip 4 is sending an Agenda
  • Send an agenda before the meeting.
  • Include clear objective, key topics, attendees & their roles.
  • Mark it draft & ask the client for any changes & whether they want to invite anyone else.

Remember 90% of first impression are made in the first 90 seconds!   So, use these techniques to leave your best first impression.

I hope you found this useful.  Good Luck and I’m off for a coffee!

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