Consultative Sales Skills

To survive in today’s aggressive marketplace you need the best sales people focused on offering real value to their customers.  Being client-led and customer-focused is the only way to achieve long-term sustainable business.

The key question is:

How equipped is your sales force to identify, target and grow more complex larger solutions sales?

Why we disagree with the myth that “He or she is such a good salesperson they could sell ice to the Eskimos.”

Selling should be easy.   We believe that the best sales people target the right companies and the right people in those companies that are more likely to want and gain value from what you have!

Stop focussing on selling.  The consultative approach is to align your sales process to the customer’s buying process and their customer journey.  Help the customer to succeed in their business.

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We specialise in helping salespeople identify, qualify and win bigger, more complex sales.  We do this by combining best practice consultative sales skills and techniques in a programme that is focused on achieving real ROI and sustainable behaviour change.

We can help you to transform your sales force by designing and delivering an integrated and modular Sales Development Programme that includes:

  • consultative sales skills
  • digital refreshers
  • relevant coursework
  • one-to-one coaching
  • committed personal action plans

with clear measures of success to give you maximum ROI.

We focus on developing the right mindset, knowledge and skill set to help salespeople to be more effective and efficient.

We can help your salespeople to:

  • Understand the buyer process & why buyer buys
  • Identify and target the right companies
  • Develop credibility with your value propositions
  • Tailor to different types of buyers
  • Qualify to improve your bid:win ratio
  • Analyse contacts and develop effective contact plans
  • Develop trusted advisor status
  • Improve discovery skills to understand the full requirement
  • Develop & write effective proposals
  • Negotiate & close good business
  • Ensure client benefits are achieved

Consultative Selling involves a mixture of the right mindset, skills, structure and process.

For more information on how we can help, please see our Case study for Consultative Sales Skills at Softcat, a leading UK IT Partner.

Consultative Sales Skills August 15, 2017

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