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We believe that our purpose is to help you to improve your sales performance and we want to offer you as much value as possible.   We are often asked for advice and recommendations of useful websites, articles and books, so we thought we would share our recommendations with you, here under our Insights page.

  • Our recommended Articles include those written by Marlow Sales Academy and other recommended articles from Research organisations like Harvard or key opinion leaders.
  • Our recommended Reading List covers books that we really think are full of great insights and easy to read – for both Sales topics and Non-Sales topics.
  • Our recommended Videos and Clips include some from the Marlow Sales Academy Library of Digital Assets as well as useful clips that we think are full of insights.
  • Our recommended Websites include Sales specific websites as well as Non-Sales Websites.   These websites are all full of great resources, which are often free.


Valuable support

The techniques shared are clearly articulated and the interactive sessions have helped reinvigorate the team. Her support has been invaluable and seeing the team flourish, largely as a result of Clare’s work, has been the highlight of my career.

Tim Jeans – Sales Manager

Attention to detail

Clare showed superb attention to detail and planning skills in tailoring a course to meet the full requirements of a diverse sales team from a wide variety of geographical and cultural backgrounds with a broad mix of sales experience.

Anthony Lloyd-Perks – Head of Sales
Insights March 26, 2016

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