Selling has changed … because buying has changed

We all know that business is becoming more and more competitive and that people have greater and higher expectations.
Many of us are expected to do 20% more with 20% less!

This has affected selling too.

Selling has changed because buying has fundamentally changed.

Some of these changes are:

• There are an increasing number of Decision Makers
• The Executive and Procurement are more involved than ever before
• There are more RFPS than ever before
• Buyer are involving suppliers later in their buying process
• Buyers have less tolerance for questions

All that anyone wants is the right solution for them.  The complexity is that different people want different things
depending on their role, their objectives and their personality

Some of the key sales challenges today are:

• How to increase sales as customer budgets are being squeezed
• How to differentiate yourselves & add value against tough competition
• How to transform your salesforce to higher margin, more complex sales

To survive in todays marketplace you need the best sales people offering real value to their customers.

Being client-led and customer focussed is the only way to achieve long term sustainable business. 

Are your salespeople capable of doing this?

We specialise in helping salespeople identify, target and win bigger, more complex sales.

We do this by combining best practice consultative sales skills  & techniques in a programme that is focussed on achieving real ROI and sustainable behaviour change.

We can help you to transform your salesforce by designing and delivering an integrated modular programme that includes the following:

• Sales Skills
• Digital refreshers
• Relevant course work
• 121 coaching and
• Committed personal action plans

… with clear measures of success to give you maximum ROI.

We have already helped others substantially increase sales, clients have included Vodafone, Computer Associates, Fujitsu Services, Wyeth, Syngenta, AcalBFi & Smiths Industries.   The CEO at Softcat, a leading UK IT Partner who said:

“In the last 25 years … this is the most successful training…Fantastic to see what client progress has been made in such a short time.”

Clare O’Shea the owner of Marlow Sales Academy has over 20 years in sales,  consultancy and training and has trained more than 10,000 people.  And we have set up Key Partnerships to offer more value to you.

So, come and talk to us …

We would like to help you transform your salesforce and improve your sales performance!

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